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Introduction to Cataracts

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What is a Cataract?

A cataract is a cloudy area that appears on the lens of the eye. The lens is naturally clear, as this ensures that light can pass through to the back of the eyes. However as we age, the lens becomes opaque or cloudy, much like frosted glass. The cloudy lens is known as a cataract. Cataracts blur vision and if left untreated, they can eventually lead to blindness. Age related cataracts are the most common, but childhood cataracts can also occur. Other types of cataracts can form after an eye injury, or due to complications from eye conditions such as glaucoma.

Cataract Symptoms

Cataracts due to the aging process tend to gradually appear over the course of several years.  The most common symptoms include blurry vision and sensitivity to light and glare.  Others signs include:

  • Seeing dull or faded colors
  • Poor vision at night
  • Double vision
  • Having to change glasses prescriptions frequently

Cataract Treatment

A comprehensive eye examination is generally carried out in order to detect the presence of a cataract. New eyeglasses may treat the early symptoms of a cataract, but only surgery can remove it. Surgery involves replacing the cloudy lens with a synthetic lens known as an intraocular lens (IOL).  There are different types of IOLs available, and Dr. Loeffler will select the one most suited to your needs and lifestyle.

Newest Cataract Treatment

Dr. Loeffler now offers LensX, the first blade-free laser cleared for cataract surgery! This innovative new technology overcomes the most challenging aspects of cataract surgery with the precision of advanced laser technology. Contact us today to learn more about this procedure.

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